SAP Field Service Management

The digital transformation of service enhances customer satisfaction and thus increases customer retention and loyalty. The innovation delights customers, employees and your shareholders alike.


The service metrics show you how well your service organization is doing. We help you identify through smart analytics, what management should focus on to give your customers even better service than they have come to expect — without further expansion of existing service capacities or additional burdens on existing employees. From real-time reports that you can configure using drag-and-drop, you gain the insights you directly use for your business decisions.

Coresystems Analytics


With the self-service portal, your customer service can be reached 7 × 24. Customers simply load “your app” (branded after your business) and use a smartphone or tablet to scan the QR code (or RFID, NFC, BLE, iBeacon) on the machine that has a failure and report the incident to everyone at the same time. Now your on-site technician has accurate information about the malfunction and the equipment involved and can immediately proceed to the next steps. The customer appreciates the transparency of your service, because he receives a continuous update of their activities on his mobile device, automatically.


With full, on-site access to all service knowledge, your service engineers can get the job done faster. Your technicians value access to all critical information, such as technical support documentation, service bulletins, product manuals, repair notes and service history. Guide your service technicians through a checklist of the tasks to be performed while ensuring a complete report. Your customers will appreciate the time savings on repairs, because their machine can be used more quickly, and at lower service costs.

Knowledge Management
Work order - Material management


Ensure spare parts are on time for repair with automated warehouse management, eliminating the need for repeat visits. Optimize preventive maintenance of equipment and machines through real-time updates, tracking, monitoring and forecasting. With SAP FSM you have the inventory of service components under control all the way to RMA’s (Return Material Authorization). By integrating with your ERP solution, you can create a seamless process that enables reliable deployment and automates invoice creation.

Workflow Management


Resource scheduling can be costly because it often results in unexpected changes that result in multiple overheads. In global service organizations, keeping track of global activities is key to smoothing out operations. The result is a balanced utilization of the entire organization in which specialist knowledge is not duplicated or conflicting. The customer expects the appropriate specialist who can successfully complete the mission within the desired time and at optimal costs – this creates customer loyalty! Our easy-to-use workflow management solution helps you achieve these goals.


The service representative can easily and quickly access all key order, equipment, and customer data without spending unnecessary time collecting information from a variety of internal sources, as it is connected to those sources through the native app. Simplicity is central here. The service employee does not want to be confronted with the flood of information from the ERP or CRM, but only see and enter the data that the process requires. The digital signature along with a customer satisfaction rating completes the process, so you can post your bill soon after it’s been issued.

Mobile field service
Coresystems Master Data Management


You don't use an ERP solution and maintain your master data on a proprietary system? Master Data Management allows you to import, maintain and manage your master data via an easy-to-use interface without any scripts or programming knowledge.

In addition, the Master Data Management module allows you to customize and configure the elements in the mobile application user interface (visibility: optional / mandatory, field caption: display custom fields, reorder, group, define, and conditional validation of inputs).


The open API provides rapid integration with the SAP FSM Cloud, regardless of where your data is stored. Whether you want to implement an ERP / CRM / billing system, web service, or file transfer, there are no restrictions on integrating third-party systems. You thereby improve your business processes and communication through a smooth interaction between business software, apps, subsidiaries, partners, employees, facilities and machines.

The open platform approach ensures that all information is seamlessly processed. This improves the close cooperation and increases the efficiency of your company.

Coresystems ecosystem

Process optimization

The results of your «digitized service» lead to considerable savings in the following process steps:


  • Times & working hours
  • Travel times & distance
  • Spare parts


  • Repeat visits
  • Acceptance report
  • Review
  • Machine-specific checklists

HR-hour report

  • Dates and working hours
  • Locations

Expense report

  • Date
  • Output type
  • Photo of the receipt
  • Value & Currency



  • disorders
  • commissioning
  • maintenance

target group

  • Service Manager
  • dispatchers
  • Service Engineer
  • partner
  • customer


  • desktop
  • tablet
  • smartphone

operating models

  • standalone
  • backend connection


  • on-line
  • offline


  • cloud

running time

  • Android
  • IOS
  • Windows

industry 4.0

  • IoT

ERP connectors

  • Abacus
  • APplus
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV


  • Outlook Connector for SAP FSM Workforce Management for:
  • On-Premise
  • On-line

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