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Digital service processes powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Whatever you call it: “Ticketing, Helpdesk” – one thing is clear: The customer wants to be advised quickly and competently by you. Access to information such as installed equipment, service history, maintenance contracts, or SLA agreements are the basics your customers expect today. The CTI connection not only shortens your response times on the phone, but makes the job of help desk staff easier. Outlook integration keeps track of all communication with your customer.

Helpdesk-Lösung auf der Basis von Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Your help desk staff want quick and easy access to existing knowledge. Answers to questions like: “What to do if …” should automatically populate the screen during a help desk conversation. Your customers appreciate the speed and competence. Even their service technicians want to be able to access the entire knowledge of the global service organization in the field. Especially new employees appreciate this support very much. Specialist knowledge becomes the source of information for all.


Whether you administer a single service technician or an entire team with resources such as vehicles, tools, etc., you want to do this in one step. Recurring service tasks can be called as a template, which defines expected duration, skills, parts, and tasks in one step.

Service order


Your dispatchers want to quickly and easily find the service technician who is the best suited due to his skills, availability and travel time. The dispatchers also want support for time-limited “skills” such as visas or vaccinations. Map displays and travel time calculations already provide clear support for your planning decisions. Global service managers can get an overview of the utilization of the various local service centers at any time and ensure balanced utilization.


At high call rates, our solution will find the most optimal employee almost real-time according to the criteria you define, such as: availability, skills, SLA agreement, journey times, etc. However, they remain the last resort at any time and can manually override automatic planning. The automatic route optimization engine significantly relieves dispatchers and improves planning. The dispatchers can deal better with complex planning issues.



The service employee does not want to gather the information for the pending deployment from multiple systems, but rather receive information (such as service history, circuit diagram, service manual, etc.) directly together with his service order. Missing documents should be able to be reloaded at any time.


Receiving flight and hotel bookings as a PDF together with the service order and then navigating from his mobile device to the location of the equipment creates valuable time for better preparation of the assignment.

Navigation zum Kunden einfach gemacht.


If you are traveling alone or in a team, all hours worked and spare parts should be booked back to the same order despite individual registration. Travel expenses can be reported back together with voucher images and thus accelerate the time to billing.

Task lists and checklists help you to process all tasks in a specific order and to document them clearly. The customer receives his report immediately after signing by email. You can also send work reports to the customer by e-mail after signing the contract.


Pre-delivered spare parts can be found in the service order. They only identify the spare parts that were also installed effectively. If you remove spare parts from the service vehicle, you can book your consumption from your vehicle warehouse, which is also supported by the barcode reader. According to your specifications, the stock in your vehicle will be replenished. If your service technicians exchange spare parts on the go, they can do it easily with their mobile devices.

Verbuchen von gelieferten Ersatzteilen wird zum Kinderspiel.


  • Absence applications via the mobile device with approval process
  • Recording of non-productive times for a complete proof of employment
  • Inventory for the different warehouses

Process optimization

The results of your «digital service deployment» lead to considerable savings in the following process steps:


  • Times & working hours
  • Travel times & distance
  • Spare parts


  • Repeat visits
  • Acceptance report
  • Review
  • Machine-specific checklists

HR-hour report

  • Dates and working hours
  • Locations

Expense report

  • Date
  • Output type
  • Photo of the receipt
  • Value & Currency

Additional solutions to complete your digital service strategy

Customer Portal

  • Helpdesk
  • Knowledge articles
  • Documents, manuals etc.

Service Project

  • Plan service projects
  • Project templates
  • Planning overview


  • CTI connection
  • Core pack
  • Knowledge portal


Integration with your backend using adis’s business integration solution from audius



  • disorders
  • commissioning
  • maintenance

target group

  • Service Manager
  • dispatchers
  • Service Engineer
  • partner
  • customer


  • desktop
  • tablet
  • smartphone

operating models

  • standalone
  • backend connection


  • on-line
  • offline


  • cloud
  • on-Premise


  • MS Office
  • MS Outlook
  • MS Sharepoint
  • Skype for Business

industry 4.0

  • IoT
  • Record measured values

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