Solutions that inspire customers and stakeholders in your service chain are among the most important investments your company can make. Here’s what a digital mobile service solution can mean for you:

Your customers

  • Customer concerns are handled quickly, competently and reliably by your help desk team
  • Fast and accurate response, thanks to the CTI connection, which shows you all the relevant information about the customer
  • Competent because their new employees can also access existing knowledge
  • Reliable because your statements are based on the consistent information of your service solution
  • Transparency in the service processes
Know your customer
Der optimale Einsatz der Ressourcen ist sein Thema.


  • Can focus on the leadership of the service organization, not firefighting
  • Can harmonize your service processes and reports worldwide
  • Dashboards show you how the global organization is operating and help you initiate the right optimization measures
  • The global planning overview with local planning authority promotes the optimal use of resources
  • Service knowledge lives-on throughout the organization


  • Preparation time and effort for you is massively reduced – instead of many sources you have only one source – your mobile service solution
  • All data on the customer (machine, service history, manuals, etc.) are accessible – online or offline
  • All travel documents (hotel, flight, etc.) can be found in the service order
  • All confirmations such as checklists, acceptance reports, work reports, expenses and non-productive times can be reported back via your ServiceApp
Mobile Service soll dem Techniker Zugang auf alle für ihn relevanten und wichtigen Daten bieten.
Die Integration von Ihren Servicepartnern bringt auf beiden Seiten einen Mehrwert.


  • Get access to all information relevant to the service order
  • Reporting information to you the way you want it


  • No longer burdened by the recording of work, spare parts, expenses and working hours — because the data is already in ERP for further processing
  • The reports of service employees are automatically stored in ERP, CRM or DMS
  • The forwarding of internal information about competitors, sales opportunities or suggestions for improvement is done with a mouse click
Einfache und schnelle Prozesse im Backoffice
SaaS- oder On-Premise-Angebote machen den Betrieb einer Service mobile Lösung auch für den IT-Manager einfach.


  • Your ERP solution remains the master of all data
  • The digitization of service processes reduces system diversity and costs
  • The simple cloud operating model does not require an increase in IT resources
  • For the operation of the solution, no know-how needs to be built up
  • Further backend solutions such as additional ERP, CRM or DMS systems can be connected
  • The choice between cloud and on-premise is yours
  • The cloud solutions are hosted in Europe and are thus subject to European law


  • Your digital service processes are fast and meet your customers’ needs
  • You gain comprehensive and consistent information about the market and your competitors
  • Reduce your service-to-cash dramatically
  • The bottom line:
    • You increase your competitive strength
    • You improve the overall result
    • You create better customer loyalty
    • … and this with an ROI of less than 12 months
Kurzer Payback in den meisten Fällen

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